Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The internal hospital machinery is preparing to spew forth its latest laryngectomy patient.
There is a small warehouse of equipment now residing in my living room. There wasn’t this much stuff needed when I brought a new life into the world! Oh my hell…what in blue blazes is all this stuff? There are cases upon cases of liquid (adult formula?) food. There’s a suction machine, a humidifier for his neck, tubing, jars, canisters, suction wands, more tubes, tracheostomy supplies we do not need (oops…somebody goofed), tape, gauze, sterile dressings, gallons of sterile water and saline solution, and a multitude of things I cannot identify. Can one person possibly need all these things? Will he really use all of this? Are they kidding me??? What’s this box…..huge catheter syringes???……for……?????????
And…in a house made for only 2 people … WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT IT ALL?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. WOW my friend it sounds so overwhelming looking at all that stuff.....I am sure someone will show up and show you how to use all these things and perhaps they have even shown George while in hospital. Good Luck my friend, keep getting better George.....:-) Hugs

  2. Oh my!
    Overwhelming, all that stuff, I am sure.
    Take deep breaths!