Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Madness is upon us!

I started on Friday, getting stuff out of the attic and filling up the entire living room with it. I grabbed my partner in crime (grandson Stephen) and out the door we went to decorate the world. Stephen climbed to the roof and strung lights, climbed very tall ladders to do the very top of the peaks and all the windows and then came down to the ground to throw all the bad bulbs into the street to make popping noises!!!! I must say it did sound neat but he wasn't too happy when I handed him a broom and made him clean up the broken glass!

HE and I got all the ladder work completed on Friday and I finished up the ground work yesterday - just before the really nasty rain storm. I'm waiting for the borough to remove the leaf piles from in front of my house so I can finish the fence posts with lights, ribbon and garland. then the outside will be done. The hard part follows when I have to get the trees out of the attic (We went to a fake one out of deference to George....yuck) and all the inside decorations. ....It means I really have to do a thorough housecleaning and I just don't feel like it!

I guess putting out my good stuff on top of dust and stuff wouldn't work out too well soooooooo guess what I'll be doing this weekend!

The Kid wants anything electronic so his shopping will be easy. My son's gift is already on its way to his duty station and my husband doesn't want me to buy him anything. Well, after much thought, I decided to honor that request....I took a large mason jar, painted a country scene at the base of it, printed out the word NOTHING on cardstock paper and used pinking shears to cut it into a oval and then placed it inside the jar. I placed some cotton batting and cloth around the lid part and twisted the metal ring down tight on that jar. Now He can have "nothing" for christmas - all wrapped up in a pretty, hand painted decorative jar! My daughter had better not utter those words "I don't want anything" or she'll be getting a jar of nothing, too!

Wishing all you bloggie buddies who are doing the ho ho ho decorating a great warm day to do it and no lip from anyone about it!!!
Huggz to all