Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wandering off the healthcare path...

Normally I write about my experiences with caring for my husband and the things I am learning as we journey through this disease. Today I am wandering from that path to share a slice of my day with you.
I was welcomed to my bathroom this morning by a very cold, very wet, very soggy, rug. One of the nuts holding the tank to the toilet bowl had broken off from the bolt and the water from the tank had drained onto the floor. Off went the water, the rug went into the tub and I cleaned up the flood. Ok- I’ll just throw on some clothes, pop into the local hardware store for parts, fix the darn thing and go about the rest of my day. Easy, right?
Well, after 3 trips to the store (how was I to know that toilet bolts aren’t one size fits all) I have the correct size and can replace both bolts. I go to my shed, get all the tools I need and I’m ready to go. But, first, I have to get hubby ready for the day and all settled in. And I have to get my morning coffee that I haven’t gotten to yet!!!
Coffee pot (single cup) is on and I’m helping hubby with his suction machine. Hmmmmm- it’s not suctioning right… hmph-let’s see what’s wrong… machine pressure is ok, tubes are clear, wand is clean…what the heck? Ahhhh- the canister has a hairline crack and there’s no vacuum. Off with the bad one, on with the new and all is well. Back for the coffee……yeck- it’s lukewarm….better start a new cup. In the meantime, back to the bathroom.
Agggh- got one bolt off but the other is being stubborn. There’s always one, isn’t there?
Got to get my coffee. I pull the cup out and instead of nice, fresh great looking coffee I see what looks like swamp water. Duh- I forgot to put in the coffee. OK- let’s do this one more time…..water..check, coffee…CHECK….cup…check. While I’m in the kitchen I make a quick lunch for hubby…..yes, it’s now lunch time. I’ve been to the store 3 times, gotten hubby dressed, fixed the suction machine, am working on the toilet and still have NOT had my coffee!!!!!!!!!
Back out to the shed for better pliers and back to the bathroom. I…cannot…get…this…thing…off!!! I’m now on my back, on the floor, under the toilet tank…ewww… I really need to clean back here a little better…and beginning to sound like a sailor. No luck. The darn thing is not budging. I WANT MY COFFEE!
Before I get to the kitchen hubby is asking for some help. No problem….I need a break anyway.
An hour later he’s all taken care of, settled back in his chair and I’m on my way back to the kitchen to make another attempt at some caffeine!!!! I dump the cold stuff into the sink and start ANOTHER cup.
Now armed with a can of WD-40 I enter the bathroom to continue the war with the toilet tank bolt. One spray onto the bolt and…damn, the phone is ringing. “Hello....no, honey, I’m not busy…of course I’ll pick you up from school. I’m on my way.” Time-out to rescue a grandson who has missed the last bus from school.
Ninety minutes later I’m on my way back to continue the war with the bolt. The WD-40 should have really soaked in by now. Ooops- forgot to give hubby the afternoon medications, now I have to make a special mixture to tube feed them into him. That WD-40 will really be soaked in!
Pliers, screwdriver, drill driver, wrenches,WD-40, bolts, nuts, washers, towels and a bucket all give my bathroom the appearance of a hardware store. And I still cannot loosen this bolt. One more time and then that’s it….I give up! Wait...Wait...can it be...is it really...yes, yes, it’s moving!!!! The nut is moving…..HOORAY- it’s OFF!!!!!!
Fifteen minutes later both new bolts and all the washers and nuts are in, tightened down and the toilet tank is filled with water. The toilet works, there’s no flood on the floor and now it’s time for dinner. I’m going into the kitchen to prepare dinner and Get My Coffee!!!
The day probably would have gone so much easier if I had just gotten my coffee FIRST!!!!