Thursday, November 25, 2010

As you probably know, last month the PET scans and MRI's came back with a positive result for the return of George's laryngeal cancer. This time they also found some suspicious spots on the liver. The doctors told us it didn't look good and ordered more testing to be done.
So-off to do more scans and biopsies, more waiting and more sleepless nights. His Dr. wanted this set of tests done at the hospital's radiological facility, not at our local center where the original tests were done. Back over the bridge to the city we went.
Even though we've been going there almost 2 years now, and are very familiar with most of the complex, we managed to end up in a section of the hospital we'd never seen before. I felt like a rat in a maze. "Down the corridor to the big corridor, make a left, a quick right and then just follow it around to the end," the receptionist said. "You can't miss it." Yeah....right!
We spent more time making lefts and rights and backtracking than it took to do the actual tests! It was so funny! We got lost again trying to get out of the building. I think we both have lost our internal GPS. Hmmm-could it be we're just (dare I say it )...aging?
After almost a month of playing "The Waiting Game" we got a call Tuesday telling us that all of the tests are negative; the spots that showed up on the scans are from the way he is healing and from using his new voice prosthesis. For the time being the Dr is saying all is well! They're just going to do follow-up testing more often for the next year. I think we'll be doing all of those tests in the city. Besides the better testing, I'm up for the challenge of learning to navigate "THE MAZE.!