Monday, December 28, 2009

I haven't blogged in a few weeks due to the holiday season. With everything going on here and everybody rushing yither and yon I felt it would be better if I waited til after the holidays. It's been an "interesting" few weeks and once I get a chance to take a breath and to reflect I'll begin posting again.
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year. May it be filled with peace, love, joy and friendship.
Huggz to you all my wonderful bogger friends,


  1. Dearest Quieten,
    We'll be here when you the meantime, know that you are in my prayers...and that I send you love and best wishes for a wonderful...and HEALTHY New Year!!!! Praying that it may be so for both of you!!! Much love, Janine XOXO

  2. I will be in the wings to waiting for your posts Quieten...Thank you for your sweet comment earlier today. Christmas is a tiring time for everyone I believe. Hope the New Year brings some peaceful enjoyment your way. Things do and can get better.
    Love and hope to you,

  3. Hi sweetie, so strange how you commented today... as I was lying in bed last night and wondering how you and George spent your Christmas. I do hope you had good times and not much stress.
    When you are able please post and let me know, sometimes it is good just to write it down, then if you decide not to post that is fine as well. I so want you both to have a wonderful 2010, let this be your best year ever my friend.......:-) Hugs

  4. Thank you for your comment on my post Quienten. It really meant a lot to me. It helps probably more than you know. Happy New Year!
    Love Di

  5. Hi Quieten, just popping in to say hello. Hope all is going well sweetie, thinking of you both this evening.......:-) Hugs

  6. Hi Quieten,
    Just now catching up. Thanks for your visit. So glad you stopped by.
    Happy New Year to You. May this be a year of peace and joy for and your husband.
    Take care.