Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well, another day, another waiting room. If nothing else I am learning the ability to just wait. The port insert and skin grafts were done today. I'm waiting to take him home.
This is going to be fun... his arm just received skin from his leg, he has a peg tube in his belly, a hole in his neck and fresh scars from ear to ear. Taking a shower is going to be a herculean effort...thank God for press n seal. I think I'll just start at his feet and wrap until I reach his head or I find the cardboard roll :-)! I'm trying to imagine how we're going to accomplish this....hmmmmmm.
The days have been very hard but they have also been very good. He is trying so hard to put on a brave face that my heart breaks. He still isn't talking and he's so frustrated; but we are finding humor in the silliness that is part of day-to-day life. I am learning more and more how much I really do love this guy and how much he loves me. This is a good thing - we had gotten so used to each other, almost too comfortable. We spent too much time on kids, work, other people and not enough time on each other.

I really wish I could hear him laugh. I miss that...

The man cannot dance - never could - never will...so...why do the drugs they gave him today make him think he can? I could say the show was worth the wait! Halfway through helping him get dressed he decides he's going to try a reverse striptease while doing the chicken dance!!!! I think this surpasses day-to-day silliness...I want to crawl under the bed! I also cannot stop laughing! Can't wait till tomorrow - just to ask him if he remembers the show he gave the kid in the next bed. That poor, poor boy was all of about 17 and had that "passing the roadside car crash" look on his face - he so wanted to look away from the horror but just couldn't tear his eyes away. Poor kid - he'll probably need years of therapy now!

I'm learning that for every bad day there's a good day; for every pain - a smile; for every fear - joy. I'm learning......


  1. Hi quieten, wow are you two ever doing well, I see you are realizing how to beat this dreadful disease, love and support. So happy for you both and hey let George dance.....Hugs

  2. Hi Quieten,
    With such a difficult struggle that you two are going through right now, I can see where the old saying that "Laughter is the best medicine" would come in to play.
    It is so hard to keep your spirits up during these tough times. You are a wonderful woman!
    Love Di

  3. Oh, this post made me laugh!
    You and George are just amazing!

    Quieten, you may not be able to hear George's laughter but my dear you can feel the laughter in his soul and see it in his eyes!

    Love conquers all!